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Meeting Notes



  • Mostly AGM matters.
    We elected a new Treasurer and distributed the work of the Chair to
    a Sectrtary, a Programme Manager and Webmaster
  • And testing combining meetings in the hall and Zoom


  • David C - Music's Comedy Classics
    David gave a great talk with illustrations on the breadth of comedy invention in music.
    To long applause at the end.
  • And we finalised the draft Programme you are lookin at now


  • To start Robin gave us a short update on our proposed Club film.
  • The days main presentation was a walk By Bill on the lessons he had learned in the making of our current Club film “Invicta”, now that it is fast approaching completion. This caused some challenging discussions at times, and so got us thinking.
  • After tea
  • We then showed the drafts of the Club film “Invicta” and most where very pleased with, and a number of useful suggestions were offered.

Note. We have had ban width/streaming issues sharing videos in Zoom so we tried asking the home users to watch them on YouTube on there own PC outside of zoom, as we watched them in the hall from the hard drive, this seemed to work well.


  • A good attendance in the hall but no Zoomers logged on.
    Unfortunate, as we had planned to discuss the need for zoom and other online issues. We did agreed that even if there was only one Zooner then we would continue to make them welcome online. And make presentations with Video, YouTube and Powerpoint etc. available.
  • The original speaker for this meeting was unable to attend. so we asked members to suggest a film from our archive to show. We received five nominations, three of which most of us had not seen before.
    Those nominated film shown where:-

1. Solly's orchard - 8mins - A club film on the green space restoration in Canterbury. New to most

 2. A Trip Through Time - 15mins – a members film. A history of Canterbury by boat.

3. Chilham part 1 - 11mins - By member Dennis Ratcliffe

The first part on a history of Chilham and it’s castle.

Writen and presented by or speaker in February 2022

4. CACS Home of Hand Weaving - 14mins - An early club film from 1952

showing a current member’s Farther’s loom workshop. New to most

5. Chopped Lamb - 6mins - by Ken FA comedy based on a Roald Dahl tale. New to most

You can watch some of them on YouTube at the above links.

(there may be and advert at the start)


  • Christmas Lunch

We held our Xmas lunch on 10/12/21 anfd very enjoyable it was to!

There were 13 of us and it was so good to be all together with friends, where talking shop was banned.

Thanks to the George and Dragon in Fordwich who looked after us nicely.


  • Ken G - Keeping your PC in top order

I know I say it each time but it was another good meeting this month

We where a bit concerned about the rise of the Omicron figures and as we knew that Ken’s scheduled “PowerPoint” talk would work well on “Zoom”, we agreed to come together on the Web.

Ken’s talks are often able to touch on issues of interest to many of us watching. And so we used the Zoom “Record” function to record and make a video of his presentation, to which Robin added some nice titles and after the meet this, and a printable version of his slide where much in demand.

Thanks again to Ken for his contribution.


  • Michael H Peters The making of Chilham video.

A meeting in two parts.

The meting, a visit from our special guest Michael H Peters who wrote and narrated our member Denis Ratcliffe’s film “Chilham through the lens of Denis Ratcliffe”, was planned to be simultaneously Zoomed and filmed for later viewing.

However it turned into two separate events.

Those of us in the hall (after some technical problems with WiFi) enjoyed Michael’s most enjoyable and informative recollections on the making of Denis’s film. (Watch it here). We are most grateful to Michael for lending us his time for this special event.

Unfortunately the technical issues meant the Zoomers could not join us. But after our meeting we where told that all the Zoomers where able to join each other and had a good get together.

Michael’s visit was filmed as planned but because of the WiFi fuss we are having to do a bit more editing than expected, but we did get all the footage needed. Once we have shown the result to Michael we may put the film on our website.


  • The visit of  the long term Friend of CFM Colin Jones did not take plase as colin was am little unwell.
    We hope to here from Colind who may meet with us remotley.

    So we had a bit of a film show. At short notice this allways works well.
    This time the members sugested 11 films 4 of which most of us had not seen before.


  • Colin sent us the films he would have shown and a note of his intended commentary on each.
    These where​.

1. Miss-carriage of justice - 2:21 mins
His first attempt at putting a joke on the screen. And very well done

2. Finger Lickin, good - 2:30 mins
Clever use of live filming of wildlife to tell a story.

3. You can never be too careful - 11 mins
A drama on burglary with cross and double cross

4. Fellow feeling - 1 min
Another joke with a play on words

5. Touch Down - 3:30 mins
A remarkable idea, using clever language to keep the viewer guessing right till the end (and probable a surprise)

6. Return Journey - 20 mins
A powerful recollection of Colin's experience of evacuation in WW2.

7. Uncles - 1:20 mins
An accomplished 1st try at animation - all in the camera.

Thankyou Colin we had a great time.


Very quiet meeting on the 13th, only three members attending. and no zoomers.

A post Covid effect I guess, folk just want to get away and relax and enjoy the sunshine.
Judging by todays weather probably a good idea.

We where able to discuss filming a members band at a live gig, not done any thing like that before.


  • David T - The sound recordist
  • Notes
    We where unable to proceed with the talk by David, so we pulled together a scratch meeting.
    Which proved to be quite useful.
    In anticipation we hade some challenging discussions about how we might plan the year ahead,
  • and Bill showed a short film he had made as an attept to illustrate a song. See it Here
  • and we discussed a short film from the internet, to show how with a good idea Simplicity Is Best. (Now deleted)


  • AGM
  • Notes 
    At the meeting we decided to have a summer break and not hold an August meeting.