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Through the Lens of Denis Ratcliffe

A copy of this film was given to us by our “Lifetime Honorary Member”  Kathleen Ratcliffe who with her late husband Denis, were key members of CFM.

It was a private project made outside the Club, but Kathleen has now given it to us to show.

It is an in-depth history of the Castle and village at Chilham.

Written and narrated by the castle archivist Michael H Peters, who offers it in a leisurely and most urbane and erudite manner that we are sure you will enjoy.

Canterbury Film Makers Chilham

Part 1 of 3  11 mins  -  Part 2 of 3  12 mins  -  Part 3 of 3  14 mins


The film was made to support the charity “Operation Sunshine”

If you enjoy the film you may wish to help them in their work.