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05 August 2022

At the last meeting we decided to have a summer break and not hold an August meeting.

15 July 2022

The Club film "INVICTA - The Road Home To Whitstable" was Premiered at Whitstable's Community  Museum.
We are very grateful to the Museum who are now custodians of Invicta for making a showing before a live audience possible.
Members and friends of CFM as well as Staff, Volunteers and Friends of the Museum. Seemed to enjoy the occasion.

CFM & WCM Invicta Premier CFM & WCM Invicta Premier

27 June 2022

10/06/22 meeting.
We where unable to proceed with this planned talk by David, so we pulled together a scratch meeting.
Which proved to be quite useful.

Read about it on the Notes page

20 May 2022

Very quiet meeting on the 13th, only three members attending. and no zoomers.

A post Covid effect I guess, folk just want to get away and relax and enjoy the sunshine.
Judging by todays weather probably a good idea.

We where able to discuss filming a members band at a live gig, not done any thing like that before.

27 April 2022

For the next meeting (13/05/22) we plan to show the film made from the recordings we made of the 11/02/22 meeting.
Which featured the visit of Michael H Peters who wrote and narrated the film "Chiltam though the lens of Denis Ratcliff" which was made by our member Denis.

This will be of particular interest as the Zoomers where not able to join on that occasion, due to technical issues.

15 April 2022

The 08/04 meeting proved to be quite engaging.

Our guest sent us 7 films each of which demonstrated his wide interest and skills in film making.
His work ranged through comic shorts and animation to social documents in the longer form.
And his notes covered the varied ideas in the creation of each, with a few jokes thrown in.

05 April 2022

Planning our meetings has proved a little difficult recently.

Our proposed guest speaker for the next meeting has had to withdraw and has sent his apologies, but has generously sent us copies of the films he would have shown and a note of his intended commentary on each.

We are grateful for his efforts in this and anticipate an interesting meeting, even if he cannot be with us in person.

20 March 2022

11/03/22 meeting
The visit of the long term Friend of CFM. Colin Jones did not take plase as Colin was a little unwell.
We hope to here from Colin who plans to meet with us remotley.

See Notes for more

25 February 2022

11/02/22 - A meeting in two parts.

The meting, a visit from our special guest Michael H Peters who wrote and narrated our member Denis Ratcliffe’s film “Chilham through the lens of Denis Ratcliffe”, was planned to be simultaneously Zoomed and filmed for later viewing.

However it turned into two separate events.

See the Notes for more

26 January 2022

I know I say it each time but it was another good meeting this month

We where a bit concerned about the rise of the Omicron figures and as we knew that Ken’s scheduled “PowerPoint” talk would work well on “Zoom”, we agreed to come together on the Web.

See the notes  - hear

24 December 2021 Christmas Eve

We held our Xmas lunch on 10/12/21 anfd very enjoyable it was to!
There were 13 of us and it was so good to be all together with friends, where talking shop was banned.

Thanks to the George and Dragon in Fordwich who looked after us nicely.

Here is our 21/22 video xmas card

Canterbury Film Makers News


18 October 2021

Another interesting meeting. on 15/10/21 (postponed from 08/10/21 for Scouts Harvest service in Church)

We had some difficulty starting the Zoom. Users (Just 2) had trouble login in. We think we know what the issues was and are having a small Zoom (hopefully ) later this PM to discuss. The home users did get in only 15mn late.

When we did start Robin gave us a short update on our proposed Club film.

Then the days main presentation was a walk By Bill on the lessons he had learned in the making of our current Club film “Invicta”, now that it is fast approaching completion. This caused some challenging discussions at times, and so got us thinking.

After tea

We then showed the drafts of the Club film “Invicta” and most where very pleased with, and a number of useful suggestions were offered.

So a lively meeting all round.

Note. We have had ban width/streaming issues sharing videos in Zoom so we tried asking the home users to watch them on YouTube on there own PC outside of zoom, as we watched them in the hall from the hard drive, this seemed to work well.


15 September 2021

We had a great meeting on Friday 10th.

10 members attended in person and only 1 on zoom and we had 1 apology, it was so good to see old friends on person once again.

The planned hall / Zoom arrangements seemed to go well, but though with only one home login it was not as worthwhile as a test as we may have liked. Our one home member seemed to be able to take part well enough. We will continue with this and hope to smooth out any bumps on the way.

The main event was a splendid talk from member David C on the subject of “Comedy and Music”. David showed a number of short videos to illustrate how music and humor can come together with hilarious results. Much giggling was heard from the audience throughout, to be drowned out by enthusiastic applause at David's close.

We also finalised or Programme for 2021/2022 See our programme pages above

12 September 2021

We are now holding joint group/zoom meeting in the hall and online.
If you would like to sit in on one of these meetings you can click on "CONTACT" above and we will send you an invite.
See our “Covid 19” page for details.

12 September 2021

As Lockdown restrictions ease we have been thinking of way to meet together in the hall.
We consulted members on their opinion on zoom/hall meetings, results where inconclusive.
Most members where happy to do ether, however a few said they where reluctant to travel and meet in public spaces, and an equal number said they preferred the social group meetings freedoms and did not like Zoom.
So we are now looking into simultaneous group/zoom meetings in the hall and online.

The management of the hall have worked hard to make the hall Covid safe and we have additional advice for our members on the day.
At present we envisage having the home attendees projected on the screen so the hall can see them.
With distancing it would be difficult to show all the hall members to zoomers at the same time, but it should be possible to show the Chair and any single speaker from the floor.

This all depends on the power of our portable computer and the WIFI capacity in the hall.

30 March 2020

Due to Covid we have not had any formal meetings, but we have lately been holding online "Zoom" meetings
If you would like to sit in on one of these meetings you can click on "CONTACT" above and we will send you an invite.

28 March 2020

At the last meeting a prospective mew member came to see us.
And he has already taken his first steps on the road to film fame.
Having fun exploring his camera and software,
we hope to be able to support him, and it may not be long before he is teaching us a thing or two.
Here are his first ever video

19 March 2020

In the light of the advice from the Government regarding the Coronavirus and attendance at meetings, particularly for those who are over 70 and / or who are vulnerable, we feel that we should cancel our April and May meetings.
We will review the meetings from June onwards when we have further information.

We hope to continue with our club project "Invicta" through e-mail discussion.

Maybe some of us will fill the time making films at home.

Hopefully it will not be too long until we meet again to share our hobby. 

Take care

19 March 2020

Meeting notes for 13/03/20

14 March 2020

Disappointing attendance at yesterdays meeting, Though those who came enjoyed it.
We also had a visit from someone thinking of joining CFM, who seemed keen, we look forward to welcoming him again soon..
The Meeting notes will be along soon

We also heard two bits of disappointing news

1. We received this from our friends at Deal's MOMI

Dear all:
For the protection of our visitors, volunteers and staff, many of whom are over 65, we have decided to close the museum until the current national medical emergency ebbs--hopefully, the summer.
This closure affects all screenings and workshops (including Film Handling and Children's workshops).  Our current series of Ealing screenings will be resumed as soon as we re-open. 
We will re-open with our new exhibition in place: "Representation & Remembrance: World War One on Film & in the Media". 
We look forward to your visiting again soon.
David Francis & Joss Marsh
Director & Curator
Kent MOMI     ; 01304 239515

2.  It seems Kent Film Festival 2020 has also been Cancelled.
CFM hopes to see the festival return next year.

Canterbury Film Makers News

21 February 2020

Notes for the latest meeting now added here NOTES

18 February 2020

Friday's meeting notes coming soon,

But First, we heard about these you might like 

4 February 2020

As it is Valentine's Day we have added a link to our CFM video "Loved-Up Valentines"
It is a compilation of seven short valentines cards made by different members.
As is the tradition all these were shown “Anonymously” and we will never know who made them, though members may guess?

24 January 2020

Just added three new films to our "Film of the Month" page

16 January 2020

We have added an excellent film to our "Showreels " pages
It is a history of the Castle and Village of Chilham
It is some 30mins long and has been split in to three parts, and it has its own showreel titled "Chilham"

12 January 2020

Off we go for a New Year with another useful meeting on Friday 10th
Read all about it on the programme pages