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CFM Team "INVICTA" Showreel

Invicta Videos

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The Road Home To Whitstable - Part One


‚ÄčThe Road Home To Whitstable - Part Two

Mock Doc

Just a 5min bit of fun here

As was shown at the Premier at Whitstable Museum

Originally made for a Club meeting only

Invicta 150

The short version of the film made by Canterbury Cine Society in 1980

Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Canterbury to Whitstable Railway.

The long version is below in three parts

Invicta 150 Long version Part 1 of 3

13 Mins

Invicta 150 Long version Part 2 of 3

12 Mins.

Invicta 150 Long version Part 3 of 3

12.5 Mins.